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    Easier than hand-scrubbing

  • Save Money

    Our kits cost less than painting

  • Avoid the Hassle

    No training required

Heavy Equipment Restoration Solutions

Specially formulated to tackle... faded paint, rust, concrete, asphalt, overspray, dirt, calcium, oxidation, adhesive removal

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Industrial On-Site Cleaning

Save money, add value, and no hassle!

  • No wasted time moving equipment
  • No more expensive repainting or downtime
  • Add resale value to your equipment
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City Restore // Easy To Use


    Step 1: Clean

    Concentrated cleaner that rips through dirt, road grime, grease and oxidation.

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    Step 2: Prep

    Cleans and decalcifies a full range of surfaces including paint, powder coat, plastics, metals, and acrylics.

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    Step 3: Clean

    Repeat CLEAN in order to remove any excess dirt and debris hiding underneath the calcium build up.

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    Step 4: Shine

    Clear, self-leveling resin that goes on smooth, dries fast and blends most imperfections.

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I have been a loyal customer of City Restore Service since day one, and I have never regretted hiring them to restore my equipment. They are super-fast, reliable, and so easy to work with. I highly recommend City Restore Service for any surface restoration job.

The Auction Company

City Restore Service restored my fleet. I loved what they did; it was spotless and looked as good as new! I was able to sell them even without a paint job. Their attention to detail was unparalleled. The superior hassle-free service is worth every dollar...

Pro-Tech Lift Services

We have used every product made. We have been using City restore for nearly 20 years for both their chemicals and their on site cleaning and reconditioning service in my Sothern California yards. There are no better chemicals or service anywhere...

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