• Save Time

    Easier than hand-scrubbing

  • Save Money

    Our kits cost less than painting

  • Avoid the Hassle

    No training required

Heavy Equipment Restoration Solutions

Specially formulated to tackle... faded paint, rust, concrete, asphalt, overspray, dirt, calcium, oxidation, adhesive removal

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Industrial On-Site Cleaning

Save money, add value, and no hassle!

  • No wasted time moving equipment
  • No more expensive repainting or downtime
  • Add resale value to your equipment
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City Restore // Easy To Use


    Step 1: Clean

    Concentrated cleaner that rips through dirt, road grime, grease and oxidation.

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    Step 2: Prep

    Cleans and decalcifies a full range of surfaces including paint, powder coat, plastics, metals, and acrylics.

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    Step 3: Clean

    Repeat CLEAN in order to remove any excess dirt and debris hiding underneath the calcium build up.

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    Step 4: Shine

    Clear, self-leveling resin that goes on smooth, dries fast and blends most imperfections.

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