Solutions for Tough Jobs

City Restore provides heavy equipment restoration solutions specifically formulated to tackle everything from loosening concrete/cement, asphalt and adhesive remover to ripping through calcium buildup and rust.  Our Equipment Restore Kit provides our 4-step Restoration Process as a stand-alone to restore color and shine or as a follow up to our Solutions based products. 


Restore Color, Shine and Brighten Faded Paint with minimal downtime.



Rip through Calcium buildup and Rust with the added strength of Extreme Prep.



Loosens all types of Cement, Mortar, Grout, Stucco, Concrete and more.



Powerful and Fast Acting Asphalt or other Adhesive Residue buildup.


Save Time, Money & The Hassle

Straight-forward and easy to use, our restoration kits cost less than painting, are easier than hand-scrubbing, and don't require training. You can restore your equipment on-site with minimal downtime by using our 4-Step Restoration Process.

Our Kits are proven to be effective for tough restore jobs and ship with everything you need to get the job done.

Take a look at the cost breakdown of using our Equipment Restore Kit.

When a customer sees worn-out and dirty equipment, it becomes significantly harder to rent out or sell.

The value that you receive compared to other methods by using City Restore to restore your equipment will pay for itself and then some.

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