Meet The Founder

Gregg Holt started a detailing business in 1991. During this time, Gregg was asked by a customer to wax his backhoes. He thought there must be an easier way to restore the equipment, so he began to formulate a product that would bring back the original color and last longer than wax.

After a year and many trials, he finally found the right formula for a no-scrub, quick dry, and long lasting product - SHINE. Many products have since been added.

City Restore Inc. is nationwide and has expanded Internationally.

Social Media Marketer

Hi, my name is Akaash Bahl and I am the Social Media Marketer for CityRestore. I am currently a 3rd year at the University of California, Riverside, majoring in marketing and information systems. I joined CityRestore in May 2022 and have found a home that allows me to express my creativity and grow in my knowledge. 

City Restore's Mission

The mission of City Restore is simple. We provide products that clean and protect surfaces restoring them to their original luster without using paints or pigments.

Our restoration products are clear and work on most non-porous surfaces. What sets City Restore apart is that we not only have the knowledge and field experience to clean and protect, but also have a dedicated staff to create better products based on our extensive industry experience and knowledge.

In other words, whether you have a City Restore trained professional apply our products or do it yourself, we have done the field research and testing for you to achieve the same results either way.