Calcium and Rust Remover KitCalcium and Rust Remover Kit

Rip through Calcium buildup and Rust found on heavy equipment such as Water Trucks.  

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City Restore's Calcium and Rust Remover Kit contains everything you need to apply our EXTREME PREP to rip through calcium buildup and rust that is often found on heavy equipment such as Water Trucks.  Our EXTREME PREP decalcifies a full range of surfaces including paint, plastics, metals, and acrylics in addition to removing rust and rust stains.

Must use an air compressor & pressure washer.

Each Calcium and Rust Kit includes:

  • 3 Gallons EXTREME PREP
  • 1 Gallon EXTREME PREP Pump Sprayer
  • Gloves, Mask & Safety Glasses
  • Instruction and Safety Sheets with links to Application Videos

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City Restore provides heavy equipment restoration solutions specifically formulated to tackle everything from loosening concrete/cement, asphalt and adhesive remover to ripping through calcium buildup and rust.  Our Equipment Restore Kit provides our 4-step Restoration Process as a stand-alone to restore color and shine or as a follow up to our Solutions based products. 


Restore Color, Shine and Brighten Faded Paint with minimal downtime.



Rip through Calcium buildup and Rust with the added strength of Extreme Prep



Loosens Concrete, Cement, Mortar, Grout, stucco and more



Powerful and Fast Acting to easily remove Asphalt buildup.