What is SHINE?
It's a paint rejuvenation system that brings paint back to like a new appearance.

How long does SHINE last?
Approx. one year in direct sunlight, but can be reapplied as necessary.

Can you paint over SHINE?

How long does SHINE take to dry?
45 seconds in direct sunlight.

What can SHINE be used on?
Any non-porous painted surface.

How long do I have to wait to use SHINE after it has been applied?
As soon as it dries, it can be used, usually 45 seconds to a minute.

Will SHINE work on my car?
No, it rejuvenates single stage paint not clear coated paint.

Does SHINE work on paint?
Yes, SHINE will work on almost anything plastic, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, etc.

Do I have to clean the item first?
Yes, that's why we have a patent pending four-stage cleaning system to remove all unnecessary oxidation and pollution before applying.

Can you spray SHINE over stickers?

What happens if I get it on the windows?

You can use products like Goof Off or Turpentine. Wipe over window to remove overspray, then just use window cleaner.

What about over spray?
SHINE dries so fast there's virtually no overspray.

Can I apply SHINE by hand?
Yes, but it is not recommended for SHINE. However it is OK for DooRestore.

How much will a gallon cover?
Usually 3 to 4 backhoes.

Is SHINE environmentally friendly?
It meets all the EPA regulations for California.

How does the 4-Step Restoration Process work?

Each kit includes detail instructions for application, including the spray pumps needed to apply our cleaning formula to the equipment. Read our full blog here

How much does it cost to use CityRestore products?

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