Spring is here and we're ready to hit the Course


Posted By : Tracy Holt
CityRestore works great on the golf course.

Golf carts may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to restoring equipment with CityRestore products but our process will do wonders for your hard working carts. After all the harsh weather from this past winter, your carts, other big or small equipment, course signage and outer entry/garage doors all probably need a good Spring Cleaning.

Restore Signs, Entry/Garage Doors, Cab Interiors

Your members and visitors will appreciate the sparkle and shine throughout your property after using CityRestore products.

Heavy calcification from the rains? Use our EXTREME...

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A Solution for Concrete Build-up


Posted By : Tracy Holt
Super Concrete Remover

If you are struggling with removing concrete from your equipment and tools after being out on a construction site, City Restore's new Super Concrete Remover is just the ticket.

Super Concrete Remover is a concentrated biodegradable concrete softener that removes and loosens concrete, cement, mortar, grout or stucco, from your equipment or tools. Watch it turn even hard-set, dried-on concrete into a soft and loosened, muddy consistency that can easily be pressure washed away. There is no worry about eroding the surfaces on expensive equipment because Super Concrete Remover is non-corrosive, acid free, odorless and safe...

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