Zzzap! Asphalt & Special Adhesive Remover
One GallonCase (4x1 gal)

Product Details

CityRestore's ZZZAP! ASPHALT & SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER is a powerful remover that is fast acting and effective but gentle on most surfaces. It is the fastest way to remove any asphalt or other adhesive residue build up from heavy equipment.

Easy to Use:

Pour Zzzap! Asphalt & Special Adhesive Remover into a trigger spray bottle or use a CityRestore ZZZap! pump jug.

Asphalt: Soak area for 15-30 minutes to release asphalt. Reapply if necessary to breakup more. Pressure Wash off.

Special Adhesive Glue: Soak area for 30-60 seconds. Use scraper carefully to remove any resistant glue residue. Caution should be taken to avoid scratching surfaces. Rinse or pressure wash off.

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