Zzzap! Asphalt Remover Kit
Zzzap! Asphalt Remover Kit

Zzzap! Asphalt Remover Kit

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CityRestore's ZZZAP! ASPHALT REMOVER is a powerful remover that is fast acting and effective but gentle on most surfaces. It is the fastest way to remove any asphalt build up from heavy equipment.

Easy to Use: Pour Zzzap! Asphalt Remover into the CityRestore ZZZap! pump up sprayer.  No need for mixing.

Soak area for 15-30 minutes to release asphalt. Reapply if necessary to breakup more. Pressure Wash off.

Apply CityRestore CLEAN (pour 1 part CLEAN to 4 parts water into CLEAN pump sprayer) and pressure wash off.  This step will remove the left over Zzzap residue.

ZZZap! Asphalt Remover Kit includes:

1 Gallon CLEAN
2 - 1 Gallon Pump Sprayers
Gloves, Mask
Safety Glasses
Plastic Scraper
Instruction Sheet

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