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Special Adhesive Remover Kit

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City Restore’s Special Adhesive Remover Kit is the best product when it comes to softening and removing adhesive buildup. Our comprehensive kit ensures the smooth execution of the task.

Here are the key features that make our adhesive remover stand out:

Easy to Use

Our adhesive remover is very convenient to use and ensures a hassle-free experience during application.

Effective Adhesive Removal

This highly potent adhesive cleaning formula is engineered to tackle stubborn residues head-on. The result will be clean and adhesive-free surfaces.

Immediate Results

With our top-quality, all-inclusive kit, there's no need to wait. Experience fast action as our adhesive remover begins loosening most adhesives in just 30 seconds.

Safe to Use

We prioritize safety. That is why our adhesive remover is formulated to be gentle on a variety of surfaces. It won't cause damage while effectively removing adhesives.

Ease of Cleanup

There is no prominent sticky mess left behind. You can rinse the surface to remove any residue left and ensure a smooth, adhesive-free surface.


From heavy equipment to different surfaces, our FLASH SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER is suitable for all. This solution proves its versatility by effectively handling various adhesive types across different materials.

Step-by-Step Process

We know that removing tough adhesive buildup can be difficult. So, to put ease in the task, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use our adhesive remover effectively:

Prepare Your Tools

Gather the essential components, including the Flash Special Adhesive Remover, metal trigger spray bottle, protective gear, and plastic scraper.

Fill the Spray Bottle

Pour our adhesive remover into the provided metal trigger spray bottle. The sprayer helps with even and controlled application.

Apply to Adhesive Area

Spray the solution onto the adhesive-covered area. Allow it to soak for 30-60 seconds, giving the formula time to penetrate and loosen the adhesive.

Scrape with Care

Utilize the plastic scraper to gently remove any stubborn adhesive residue. Be careful to avoid scratching the surface beneath.

Thorough Rinse

To complete the process, rinse the treated area completely using a pressure washer. This ensures that all traces of the adhesive remover and dissolved adhesive are effectively washed away.

Prioritize Safety

Throughout the process, wear the provided protective gear to save yourself from any potential contact with the adhesive remover or residue.

City Restore has launched FLASH SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER, the ultimate product for efficient adhesive removal. This potent adhesive remover is formulated to swiftly eliminate stubborn adhesives from a variety of materials. It is considered the most suitable for heavy equipment.

Removing adhesives from any surface is a bothersome and time-consuming task. Our rapid-action formula ensures that all the buildup is dealt with promptly. Our all-inclusive kit includes everything needed to get the job done smoothly.

Our FLASH SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER effectively removes adhesive residues left behind on equipment from stickers and trim. So, no need to worry about stubborn adhesive buildup, get your hands on our adhesive removal kit today!

Our Adhesive Remover Kit Includes:

Find the Most Effective Adhesive Remover Near Me

We know adhesive removal requires a lot of work and time. That’s why we have come up with a solution that will take the hassle out of eliminating adhesive buildups from various surfaces. Our innovative kit features FLASH SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER. This formula is created to ensure seamless results. Also, we have provided all the necessary tools in our kit for a smooth procedure.

So, if you are struggling to find the right adhesive remover near me, visit our website today!


    Special Adhesive Remover Kit - CityRestore

      Easier than hand-scrubbing


      Our kits cost less than painting


      No training required

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