Splat Asphalt Remover
One GallonCase (4x1 gal)

Product Details

City Restore's SPLAT ASPHALT REMOVER is a powerful remover that is fast acting and effective but gentle on most surfaces. It is the fastest way to remove any asphalt buildup from heavy equipment.

Easy to Use:

Pour SPLAT ASPHALT REMOVER into the City Restore SPLAT labeled Pump Sprayer. No mixing required.

To Remove Asphalt: Soak area for 30-45 minutes to release asphalt. Reapply approximately every 10 minutes to ensure Splat Asphalt Remover is actively working to remove asphalt.  After 30-45 minutes, check areas with plastic scraper to see if asphalt is loosened.  Pressure Wash Off.

Must use a pressure washer.

Follow up with our Equipment Restore Kit to restore color and shine.

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