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Our Story

The Art and Mechanics of Paint, Plastic and Metal Restoration

Since 1991, the staff at City Restore has been focused on the art and mechanics of Paint, Plastic and Metal Restoration. During this time we have perfected a 4-step chemical process that easily cleans, rejuvenates, and restores most non-porous surfaces. Our most recent efforts have created products that not only surpass customer expectations, but also provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to keep surfaces looking new as well as provide solution specific products to handle the removal of calcium build-up, rust, concrete, cement, mortar, grout remover and our most recent asphalt, decals and adhesives remover.

Our Mission and How We Are Different

The mission of City Restore is simple. We provide products that clean and protect surfaces restoring them to their original luster without using paints or pigments. Our restoration products are clear and work on most non-porous surfaces. What sets City Restore apart is that we not only have the knowledge and field experience to clean and protect, but also have a dedicated staff to create better products based on our extensive industry experience and knowledge. In other words, whether you have a City Restore trained professional apply our products or do it yourself, we have done the field research and testing for you to achieve the same results either way.

City Restore Timeline

Our entry into restoration began in 1991 with an auto-detailing business that quickly blossomed into other industries including power washing, concrete sealing, commercial equipment painting and commercial truck detailing.

In 1999, we began looking for a way to speed up the commercial equipment detailing process and make it less labor-intensive. In early 2002 we enlisted the help of a chemist to create what we were looking for. Working directly with the chemist, we gave him a list of product requirements that would not only make our lives easier, but also make the commercial equipment customer extremely happy. After 3 years of testing, we had our first paint rejuvenation sealer with “Quick-Dry”, our Commercial V1 Shine.

In 2006, a friend was being warned by his Homeowners Association that his garage door had to be painted or replaced. The obvious choice at the time was painting, but they were also warned that the color had to be “exactly what was painted by the original home builder”. Because that particular paint code was unavailable, we thought we would try our paint rejuvenation products and the results not only satisfied the HOA but also resulted in us launching our DOORestore™ products and kits to restore entry doors, metal lights, shutters, road signs and more. This product is geared more for Home Owners, Real Estate and Facility Management Professionals. You can find out more about DOORestore™ at doorestore.com.

In 2010 we phased out V1 Shine due to increasingly stringent California VOC regulations and introduced V2 Shine. Not only did V2 Shine prove to be a fantastic restoration product, but it also surpassed California VOC standards making it legal in ALL states. Recently we reformulated V2 Shine with the same UV Block Properties as DooRestore™ allowing residential customers to restore more than just doors.

In 2011 we introduced our latest Commercial product, V3 Shine. V3 Shine is formulated to be used quickly and easily in quantity through commercial sprayers allowing the restoration professional maximum return. V3 Shine also meets California VOC regulations and is legal in All states.

In 2016, we began a transition to a simpler, more modern name and redesigned our company brand and line of products. What was once FN Clean, FN Bright, and V3 Shine are now known as CLEAN, PREP, and SHINE and still provides our customers with the same professional, and long-lasting results for your equipment.


CityRestore Service

In 2017, we started offering on-site restoration services in the Southern California area and started to create our “City Restore Service Provider” program to allow interested individuals the opportunity to start their own heavy equipment restoration business in their local area utilizing the City Restore family of restoration products. We currently have Service Providers in California, Arizona/Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi and Ontario Canada. Please visit CityRestoreService.com for additional information.

In 2018, we introduced SUPER CONCRETE REMOVER, a solution for removing concrete, cement, grout, mortar and stucco from your equipment and tools. You can get the Super Concrete Remover Kit which has everything you need for build up removal.

ZZZap! Asphalt & Adhesive Remover

In 2020, we launched ZZZAP! ASPHALT AND SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER that is fact acting and effective but gentle on most surfaces. Removes any asphalt or other adhesive build up from your heavy equipment.

In 2021, City Restore continues to bring needed solution kits to better integrate into City Restore's 4-Step Restoration Process as well as new packaging.

SPLAT Asphalt Remover & FLASH Special Adhesive Remover replacing ZZZAP!

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