How to Use CityRestore Products (Instructions)

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Below you will find specific Mixing and Application Instruction downloads (PDF) for the various CityRestore Kits. If you have any questions concerning our products or any of the mixing and application instructions please do not hesitate to contact CityRestore at (951) 275-6894 or email:


ALL CityRestore Kits include safety gear recommended for use when applying our products.


Please read all Safety and Application instructions printed on product labels.


Safety Information is included with the instructions below. You can also download our Safety Information Sheet Here.

Equipment Restore Kit Application Demonstration

Calcium & Rust Remover Kit Application Demonstration

Super Concrete Remover Kit Application Demonstration

ZZZap! Asphalt Remover Kit

DooRestore will restore sun-damaged paint, simulated wood, fiberglass, acrylics, plastics and metal, while also protecting with our UV block additive. Use on Entry Doors, Metal Lights, Shutters, Road Signs and more.

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DooRestore Protect & Restore Garage, Entry Doors and More

DooRestore Kit Application Demonstration