FAQs: Your Questions Answered.

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  • Equipment Restore Kit FAQs
  • Super Concrete Remover FAQs
  • SPLAT Asphalt Remover FAQs
  • FLASH Special Adhesive & Sticker Remover FAQs

Equipment Restore Kit

Shine is a resin-based paint rejuvenator with pigment enhancers that bring back original color.

Approx 18 months – 2 yrs. in direct sunlight, but can be reapplied as necessary.

Yes, it works great in this capacity. Apply the paint after the final coat of Shine. Wait for the paint to dry and apply another thin layer of Shine to the painted area.

45 SECONDS in direct Sunlight. Your equipment is ready to use.

Any non-porous painted surface. ie. Plastic, rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, etc….

ALL of our products can be applied in temperatures as low as 40 degrees and as high as 120 degrees.

Yes, that’s why we have a 3-step cleaning process with final spray to remove all unnecessary oxidation and pollution before applying.

Yes, Shine will actually rejuvenate the stickers also.

You can use Zzzap! Apply to a microfiber towel and clean the windows.

Shine dries so fast there is virtually no overspray, however you should always take precautions when restoring your equipment.

Yes, but it is not recommended. You will not get the same results.

Approximately, 3-4 medium sized Backhoes.

NO! It rejuvenates single stage paint, not clear coated paint.

Super Concrete Remover

100% Biodegradable, loosens & dissolves Portland in cement.

Foam Super Concrete Remover onto the machine & let sit for 45 minutes to remove concrete on most surfaces. Repeat as needed.

Any surface with concrete or concrete residue.

No, apply directly to the dirty & DRY machine.

Super Concrete Remover will not damage the windows.

You will have the best results using a FOAMER so that Super Concrete Remover can sit on the machine longer to dissolve the cement.

SPLAT Asphalt Remover

Any surface with Asphalt.

Spray Asphalt remover onto the machine and let sit for 20-30 minutes to remove Asphalt on most
surfaces. Repeat as needed.

No, unless the machine is covered with mud.

Asphalt Remover will not damage the windows.

FLASH Special Adhesive & Sticker Remover

A glue and adhesive remover that loosens glue and adhesive for easy removal.

FLASH will dry in approx.. 10 minutes.

Any non-porous painted surface.

Spray FLASH on and allow 20-30 seconds before trying to remove.

Yes, it does not affect most surfaces.

Only if there is a lot of dirt on the area needing treatment.

FLASH will not damage the windows. We actually recommend FLASH to be used to remove any SHINE
that may be on windows and mirrors.

Yes! Wear protective gloves and use a terry or microfiber towel.