Winter Tips for Heavy Equipment

Winter Tips for Heavy Equipment

Whether working in the freezing temperatures or storing equipment for the season, companies need to ensure proper winter maintenance to avoid costly problems come spring.

The decision to store your heavy equipment during winter can be based on a variety of factors, including where your business is located geographically and what type of work you do on a daily basis. If your company is located in the southern portion of the United States and in use year round, chances are you will not be storing your equipment. On the other hand, if your business is located in the northern region and some or most of your equipment is not used until after the ground thaws, you more than likely are storing for the season.

All heavy equipment requires preparation and maintenance before and after storage to ensure reliable operation once it is returned to service. The first place to start is your owner’s manual. Typically these have oil and fluid recommendations as well as other seasonal maintenance tasks specific to your machine. A thorough inspection of the equipment will help flag any issues that could be exacerbated when the temperatures start to drop. Take a good look at your tires, batteries, wiring, hoses, and attachments, and repair or replace any items that show damage like cracks, cuts, or worn spots.

CityRestore products will ensure that your heavy machinery and track components are as clean as possible to extend their life and help you spot leaks, wear and other problems more easily. A thorough cleaning of the exterior will remove built up mud before it freezes and help you identify oil leaks and other problems that may need attention. Use CityRestore’s EXTREME PREP to rip through any calcium build-up.

Whether your run your heavy equipment through the winter months or store until spring, using CityRestore to keep your equipment clean will help to keep your equipment performing in cold weather or quickly return your machine to service when ready.