Whether your water trucks are used for cleaning debris or dust, construction work, farming or simply to transporting many gallons of water, over time you will find signs of calcium build-up along with the dirt and grime. CityRestore's newly available Water Truck Kit includes everything you need to Restore Color and Shine with the added benefit from including CityRestore’s EXTREME PREP that will rip through calcium build-up that is often found on heavy equipment such as Water Trucks.

Our EXTREME PREP decalcifies a full range of surfaces including paint, plastics, metals, and acrylics as well as provides the deep cleaning and preparation within our patent pending 4-step Restoration Process. You can easily clean and restore cab interiors as well for an overall restoration to your equipment. Improve Equipment Value, and Costs less than painting.

Easy 4 part system with no scrubbing required for most projects. Because of the quick drying properties, there is virtually no overspray and equipment can be used immediately after application. Our CityRestore Water Truck Kit contains everything needed to apply and restore your equipment to original shine. Must use an air compressor & pressure washer.

As with all heavy construction equipment, Water Trucks should have regular maintenance and cleanings to remove dirt, grime and build-up to ensure a safe and more effective work environment.

Water Truck Kit includes:

1 Gallon SHINE

1 Gallon CLEAN


2-1 Gallon Pump Sprayers

1 Spray Gun

Gloves, Mask

Safety Glasses

Instruction Sheets

Online Application Video

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