A Solution for Concrete Build-up

A Solution for Concrete Build-up

If you are struggling with removing concrete from your equipment and tools after being out on a construction site, City Restore's new Super Concrete Remover is just the ticket.

Super Concrete Remover is a concentrated biodegradable concrete softener that removes and loosens concrete, cement, mortar, grout or stucco, from your equipment or tools. Watch it turn even hard-set, dried-on concrete into a soft and loosened, muddy consistency that can easily be pressure washed away. There is no worry about eroding the surfaces on expensive equipment because Super Concrete Remover is non-corrosive, acid free, odorless and safe on metals and paint. It is the fastest way to remove your concrete build up from heavy equipment.

Easy steps for Super Concrete Remover use

Heavily concentrated areas may need an additional application or scraping to completely remove the concrete and for best results, we recommend using a power washer.

We have put together the Super Concrete Remover Kit which has everything you need for your build up removal tasks including 2 gallons of Super Concrete Remover, Foam Sprayer, Gloves, Mask and Safety Glasses.

Before and After Super Concrete Remover

Once your equipment is build up free, we recommend following up with City Restore's patent pending 4-Step Restoration process to bring back the original look and luster to your equipment.  For equipment with projects that require a little more help to decalcify (water trucks, etc.) you can use our Water Truck Kit which has the added benefit of EXTREME PREP that will rip through calcium. build up.