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CLEAN Case (4x1 gal)PREP Case (4x1 gal)EXTREME PREP (4x1 gal)SHINE Case (4x1 gal)SUPER CONCRETE REMOVER (4x1 gal)ZZZAP! ASPHALT REMOVER (4x1 gal)

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CityRestore’s CLEAN formula is a concentrated cleaner that rips through dirt, road grime, grease, and oxidation. It is used as the first and third steps in our patent pending 4-step Restoration process. The first step knocks out surface soil to allow deeper cleaning and oxidation in preparation for Step 2 Concentrate, PREP. The third step provides the deep clean and final grime removal to allow application of the final fourth step in our process, SHINE formula.

CityRestore’s PREP formula is concentrated aluminum cleaner and whitener. Not only does PREP rip through calcium build-up, it also removes light rust and environmental pollution. We suggest using PREP on Heavy Equipment, Plastics, Rubber, and Metals.

CityRestore’s EXTREME PREP is for extreme calcified units - like Water Trucks. It decalcifies a full range of surfaces including paint, plastics, metals, and acrylics. Not only does EXTREME PREP rip through calcium build-up, it also provides the deep cleaning and preparation within our patent pending 4-step Restoration Process.

CityRestore's SHINE restores and protects paint, plastic, rubber and metal. It is a clear, self-leveling resin that goes on smooth, dries fast, and blends most imperfections and part of our patent pending 4-step Restoration Process.  CityRestore Restores Paint, Plastics, and Acrylics. It also protects Metal surfaces and can be used on rubber

CityRestore’s SUPER CONCRETE REMOVER is a concentrated Concrete Dissolver.  Easily removes all types of Cement, Mortar, Grout, Stucco and Concrete.

SUPER CONCRETE REMOVER can be used for removing concrete from your equipment and or tools.  Non-corrosive, safe on metals and equipment, no odor. Concentrate (mix 3 parts Remover to 1 part water).

CityRestore's ZZZAP! ASPHALT & SPECIAL ADHESIVE REMOVER is a powerful remover that is fast acting and effective but gentle on most surfaces. It is the fastest way to remove any asphalt or other adhesive residue build up from heavy equipment.

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