LP - Faded Paint


DRAFT Sales Landing Page

This page should focus on the process, products and marketing messages geared towards: FADED PAINT.

This landing page may serve a dual purpose of creating several "modules" that would be used again since the "faded paint" is maybe the main "general" feature of the "Restoration Process".

Before and After images and videos showing process - Overall "restoration" and the CityRestore staple "Equipment Restore Kit".

This page should basically double as the "Equipment Restore Kit" sales page....we should be able to "reuse" most of the components of the page and just create new pages aimed at particular promotions (i.e., free shipping, discount, etc.).

  • Equipment Restore Kit
  • Each individual products:  Clean, Prep, Shine
  • Air Sprayer [Shine]
  • Pump Sprayer (All)