LP - New Products and Updates


Latest Product or Promotion

I suggest that we have the latest promotions listed on this link (see image right - MENU LINK IN RED).  This link can easily be turned "on" or "off".

If it is a promotion that went out to our list...we would tell them to sign up to receive information, etc.  As there are new promotions we can switch out the page.

The best way is to create pages and blocks that can be set up as "templates" so they can be "re-used" for various promotions and products (i.e., FREE Shipping, Multiple Kits, Kit Discounts, etc.)

GemPages allows us to save various "sections" (blocks, pages, sections, rows, etc.) as templates that we can re-use over again - THIS IS KEY.  If I can create basic "blocks" that can be "re-used" this will save a lot of time and help with consistency.