Does your equipment look tired & worn-out?

CityRestore will help you restore your heavy equipment to a like-new condition. Saving you the time, money, and the hassle!

Powerful enough to restore virtually any equipment condition

Our 4 step restoration process gives you the power to rip through dirt, road grime, grease and oxidation. Followed up with surface preparation and a strong but easy to apply, shine formula!

Your Easy Restoration Plan

Order Your Restore Kit

Choose a kit that matches your needs, and we'll ship all the safety materials, along with the necessary solution.

Follow The 4 Step Process

Included with each kit will be a simple, step by step guide that assures application will be straight-forward and easy.

Instantly See It Shine!

Within 45 seconds of a finished application, your equipment will dry and return to its original shine, ready & set for its next assignment!


“The results of their service is terrific. Not only does the equipment look great, but our improved ROI at auction paid the cost back ten-fold. CityRestore’s a no-brainer for us.”

Craig Knopp

CityRestore did a demonstration for us on one of our water trucks… If I hadn’t watched him do it, I’d have sworn it was not the same truck. The results these guys deliver are unbelievable.


30 Day - Money Back Guarantee