4 Easy Steps to Restoring Your Equipment

4 Easy Steps to Restoring Your Equipment

The CityRestore process can be done on site. No reason to spend large amounts of money and time to move one piece of equipment to another location. Cleaning your pieces shouldn't be that much of a hassle.

Virtually no downtime. You can do this process on a large piece of machinery in hours not days. Thus bringing amazing results without having to send it out. Plus, you wouldn't need to have it shipped and sitting for cleaning/prepped for paint which could take weeks and cost more time and money.

Our process requires no scrubbing. You can achieve an even look and bring back OEM paint color and shine with our three-step cleaning system. Our final spray dries in under a minute and there's no need to replace the decals or safety stickers. Our products will also restore those decals or safety stickers back to their original look.

The City Restore 4-Step Process

In four steps, you have the capabilities of making your own equipment look new again.

After mixing our chemical concentrate with water, here's what you do to get newer-looking equipment:

STEP 1: Spray CLEAN mixture evenly on equipment then rinse with pressure washer

STEP 2: Spray PREP mixture evenly on equipment and rinse with pressure washer

STEP 3: Repeat Step 1.

STEP 4: Let Equipment Dry. Apply a light coat of SHINE (previously known as V3 Shine) over equipment.

With CityRestore products, the results of brighter and newer-looking equipment will last 15 months to two years in direct sunlight and normal usage.  You can't get any simpler than this!

You can use the CityRestore product yourself at your location by purchasing one of our kits or contact us about service providers near you.  If you are located in the Riverside, CA area we can do the work for you.